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Mission & History

Our History

Barbara Brennan

Barbara Brennan has researched the Human Energy Field for more than 35 years. Her work resulted in the development of Brennan Healing Science, a holistic healing modality based on the Human Energy-Consciousness System and its relationship to health and disease. It is one of the most comprehensive approaches to energy healing and human transformation.

In 1982, Barbara founded the Barbara Brennan School of Healing. Combining High Sense Perception skills and hands-on energy healing techniques to assist individuals with their personal process of healing, Brennan Healing Science practitioners are trained to interact with a client’s energy field in a deeply intuitive way, energetically supporting the client into alignment toward healing, as well as clearing, balancing, and renewing the energy field that supports physical and emotional health. It touches every aspect of a person’s life to improve the quality of life.

Barbara is a world-renowned spiritual leader, healer and educator. A pioneer and innovator in the field of energy consciousness, the former NASA physicist dedicated her life to exploring the Human Energy Field and realms of human consciousness. She holds a Doctorate of Philosophy, a Doctorate of Theology, a Master’s Degree in Atmospheric Physics, B.S. in Physics, and worked as a research scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. She is also a graduate of the Institute of Core Energetics and a Senior Pathwork® Helper.

Barbara Brennan’s best-selling books are considered classics in the field of complementary medicine.

Her first book, Hands of Light®—A Guide to Healing Through the Human Energy Field, was distinguished as Bantam’s New Age bestseller in 1989 and remains popular today. This landmark work on spiritual healing is published in 26 languages and has over a million copies in print.

Her second book, Light Emerging—The Journey of Personal Healing, is also a bestseller and is published worldwide. In a unique approach that encourages a cooperative effort among healer, patient, and other healthcare providers, Light Emerging explains what the healer perceives visually, audibly, and kinesthetically, and how each of us can participate in every stage of the healing process.

Her third newly released book, Core Light Healing, completes the trilogy and further explores the nature of the creative process from the Human Energy-Consciousness perspective, discovering how each of us creates blocks in our energy fields that ultimately cause dysfunction in our lives and the process involved in the clearing of blocks and releasing our creative potential.

Barbara also released the Seeds of the Spirit®  series—compilations of all school lectures she presented from an expanded state of consciousness while in meditation. Each book offers new concepts and practical guidance on all aspects of life. They contain psych-spiritual teachings and guides to integrate the material and spiritual worlds. Each lecture lifts the soul to a broader understanding and a more loving, unitive experience of life. Her work in spiritual teachings is also available through a series of CD audio recordings.

Barbara is currently retired, and the Barbara Brennan School of Healing  is currently owned by Soul Forces at Work, LLC, and is managed by an advisory board consisting of Lisa VanOstrand, Laurie Keene, and Donna Evans Strauss. These advisory board members of the School are long-time faculty members and have over 50 years of combined experience working closely with Barbara Brennan as well as playing key roles in managing various aspects of the school, both from an educational and a business perspective. The board holds a vision to govern according to the teachings and guidelines that Barbara herself established as well as to evolve the School through energy field and human consciousness models that match the school’s foundational concepts.

The Barbara Brennan International Center for Research and Healing is a 501© (3) non-profit corporation that advances Brennan Healing Science, a model based on the Human Energy Consciousness System,  through:

  • Public Education
  • Professional Training
  • Advocating the use of  Brennan Healing Science within healthcare, business, and education
  • Developing resources for the Professional Practice of Brennan Healing Science
  • Conducting research and disseminating knowledge about Brennan Healing Science.

What is Brennan Healing Science

A holistic healing modality

After years of researching the Human Energy Field (HEF) and studying numerous healing modalities, Dr. Barbara Brennan developed Brennan Healing Science (BHS), a holistic healing modality based on the Human Energy-Consciousness System and its relationship to health and disease.

This work combines High Sense Perception skills and hands-on energy healing techniques to assist individuals with their personal process of healing. It touches every aspect of a person’s life to improve the quality of life.

Highly trained healers

Graduates of the school have completed studies in personal transformation, energy awareness and High Sense Perception. They are highly trained energy healers who have learned specialized hands-on healing techniques and skills in professional practice and integrative care. These techniques and skills cannot be learned from reading Dr. Brennan’s books alone. Graduates also have a high sensory awareness of the connections between mind, body and emotions. Both the undergraduate and Advanced Studies programs are highly vigorous. These programs require dedication and a significant investment, on many levels, from the practitioner.

A BHS Practitioner holds each healing session as a sacred experience. The practitioner’s primary objective is to support you in your unique healing journey with proficiency, integrity, and compassion. The BHS Practitioner is committed to creating a safe, empathic, and life-affirming environment to best facilitate your healing and transformational process. In the broader context of community and world service, the BHS Practitioner applies his or her knowledge and training to support the evolution of the human spirit. BHS may be combined with traditional medicine or other modalities. When done so, BHS can be a powerful vehicle for facilitating change on a holistic level that feeds both the physical body and the soul.

The Key Concepts of Brennan Healing Science

  • The Disease Process
    A healthy physical body follows a step-down flow of energies in the creative process of health: The Seventh level of the field is one of Divine Knowing “I know I am One with Source” The Sixth level of the field is one of Divine Loving “ I love life universally” The Fifth level of the…Read More
  • The Human Energy Field and Chakras
    The Human energy system (HEF) consists of different levels of vibrations or frequencies, and something called chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel of light. Chakras act like energy transformers, either stepping up the energy in frequency or stepping it down. There are seven main chakras, (top of the head, middle of forehead, throat,…Read More
  • The Four Dimensions of Humankind
    Physicality Everything in the material universe is composed of energy down to the charges of electrons in an atom and this energy is meant to flow. However, it can become blocked or distorted, stagnated or even torn for a variety of reasons such as emotional, psychological, physical traumas or spiritual crisis. With regard to the…Read More

What Sets Us Apart

Ethics & Integrity

We are aligned with the highest of ethical principles and integrity for the highest good of our clients. While we are proficient with healing techniques, it is our sacred hearts with which we hold the client to help them bring healing into their lives.

Presence & Compassion

We are trained in bringing presence and deep contact to our clients in order to hold a safe container for them to experience their healing from within. As we have worked through our own personal process and healing, we can then hold that place for another in a safe and compassionate manner.

Global Healing

Practitioners hold the highest intention for the healing and awakening of their personal clients as well as a vision of healing for the earth and the global community.


Practitioners of Brennan Healing Science are highly trained through a minimum four-year rigorous professional studies program and are passionate about our work and the personal spiritual path on which we express this passion and creativity.


Practitioners of Brennan Healing Science collaborate within interprofessional teams in diverse settings on behalf of indivdiuals, families and communities, bringing expertise on the human energy consciousness system.

Principles of Practice

Principles of practice for Brennan Healing Science Practitioners

Adopted by the Faculty of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing

— March 3, 2003


These Principles of Practice are intended to aid the healing work of the Brennan Healing Science Practitioner (“BHS Practitioner”), and to assist the public in selecting a healer with whom to create a rewarding healing relationship.

As a graduate of either the four-year Bachelor of Science Degree or Professional Studies Diploma Programs of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing (“BBSH”), the BHS Practitioner has completed an intensive study and practice of personal transformation, energy awareness and High Sense Perception, hands-on healing techniques, professional practice, creative arts, integrative care, and awareness of the connections between mind, body and emotions.

The BHS Practitioner’s primary objective is to support each client in his or her unique healing journey with competence, integrity, and compassion. The BHS Practitioner’s commitment is to create a safe, empathic, and life-affirming container to best facilitate the client’s healing and transformational process. In the broader context of community and world service, the BHS Practitioner applies his or her knowledge and training in support of the evolution of the human spirit.

In any given client session, the BHS Practitioner may employ varied techniques and incorporate elements of multiple modalities depending on the unique circumstances and needs of each client, and on the qualifications and skills of the BHS Practitioner. No set of rules can fully anticipate or regulate the variety of situations that the BHS Practitioner may face. The following Principles of Practice instead address important aspects of the BHS Practitioner’s intentionality and consciousness that the BHS Practitioner honestly monitors and clarifies during the course of the client relationship, both generally and in the moment.

Intention, Integrity, and Professional Responsibility

1. The BHS Practitioner commits to use his or her training, skills, and intention in service of the health, welfare, and spiritual healing of the client.

2. The BHS Practitioner provides those services commensurate with his or her training and competence, and refers the client to other healers and care providers in other disciplines as appropriate and necessary.

3. The BHS Practitioner keeps current and competent in his or her field(s) of practice, through supervision, consultations, and continuing education.

4. The BHS Practitioner does not offer, promise, or provide medical diagnoses or prescriptions (unless otherwise licenced to do so), and does not promise medical cures or recoveries.

Client Communication and Professional Boundaries

5. The BHS Practitioner clearly, accurately, and truthfully communicates to the client, prior to commencement of services, the general nature of the services that may be provided, fees and billing practices, and other policies and procedures of the BHS Practitioner. The BHS Practitioner also obtains the client’s consent to these services, or as appropriate the consent of the client’s legal guardian, prior to service.

6. The BHS Practitioner maintains professional boundaries with the client. The BHS Practitioner is sensitive to real and ascribed differences in awareness and power between the BHS Practitioner and the client, and does not exploit such differences or perceptions during or after the professional relationship for the personal gratification or benefit of the BHS Practitioner. The BHS Practitioner supports the client in avoiding or resolving dependency on the BHS Practitioner.

7. The BHS Practitioner does not suggest, initiate, or engage in any romantic or sexual activity with the client. The BHS Practitioner does not engage in sexual or other harassment of the client, whether by sexual solicitation, physical or energetic advances, or verbal or nonverbal conduct that is unwelcome, is offensive, or creates a hostile or unsafe healing environment. The BHS Practitioner does not engage in sexual relations with a former client for at least two years after termination of the client relationship, and only then after a good faith determination through appropriate supervision that there is no exploitation of, or harm to, the former client.

8. The BHS Practitioner avoids or promptly removes himself or herself from improper and potentially harmful conflicts of interest and dual or multiple relationships with clients and former clients.

Honoring the Client and Community

9. The BHS Practitioner respects the fundamental dignity, worth, and personal journey of all clients, regardless of age, gender identity, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, disability, language, and socioeconomic status. The BHS Practitioner strives to be aware of and sensitive to cultural, individual, and role differences.

10. The BHS Practitioner respects the right of each client to hold values, attitudes, beliefs, and opinions that differ from the BHS Practitioner’s. The BHS Practitioner does not attempt to pressure or coerce the client into any action or belief, even if the BHS Practitioner believes such act or belief would serve the best interests of the client. The BHS Practitioner supports each client’s self-empowerment, self-determination, and transformational processes in learning to make life choices, and understanding the consequences of those choices.

11. The BHS Practitioner is aware of his or her role in maintaining the integrity of healing and the healing profession with regard to clients, to the society in which the BHS Practitioner lives, and to the global community of the sacred human heart.

Client Confidentiality

12. The BHS Practitioner honors and does not disclose to anyone the client’s confidences or client records, if any, including the name or identity of the client or identifying information, except: (A) if and to the extent authorised by the client; (B) as required for the BHS Practitioner’s professional supervision where the client remains anonymous, and only to the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of the supervision; (C) when disclosure is required to prevent clear and imminent danger to the client or others; (D) as required by law; and (E) if the BHS Practitioner is a defendant in a civil, criminal or disciplinary action arising from the client relationship (in which case client confidences may only be disclosed in the course of that action).

13. At the client’s written request or approval, and according to the capabilities, good conscience, and professional judgment of the BHS Practitioner, the BHS Practitioner may consult with the client’s other healers, therapists, physicians, and spiritual teachers, as appropriate to maximize the benefits to the client.

BHS Practitioner Self-Responsibility, Client Welfare, and Termination of Services

14. The BHS Practitioner commits to his or her own self-care and ongoing personal healing, and also recognizes that this commitment is key to serving as an instrument of healing for the client.

15. The BHS Practitioner commits to regular individual supervision sessions with a qualified professional. The BHS Practitioner is obligated to be alert to signs of, and to obtain professional assistance for, any unresolved personal problems, countertransference, and emotional reactions, in order to prevent impairment of the client relationship.

16. The BHS Practitioner is not under the influence of alcohol or of any medication, drug, or substance during a client session that might impair the work of the BHS Practitioner or the client relationship.

17. The BHS Practitioner terminates a client relationship when it becomes reasonably clear that the client no longer needs or is not benefiting from continued service. The BHS Practitioner terminates services if and as advisable due to any physical or mental illness, or unresolved personal issues, of the BHS Practitioner. The BHS Practitioner does not maintain a client relationship solely for financial reasons but may terminate a relationship if the client is unable or unwilling to pay for such services. Prior to any termination of service, if and to the extent applicable and practicable, the BHS Practitioner gives reasonable notice to the client of the termination and assists the client in finding alternative professional services.

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