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"Eternal love and gratitude to Barbara Brennan, my greatest teacher who changed my life and the lives of thousands." BM

Our Global Family, Worldwide Meditation October 9, 2022

A Remembrance of Barbara Brennan at BBSH California. Friday October 14, 2022

A Remembrance of Barbara Brennan at BBSH Florida. Friday October 28, 2022

A Remembrance of Barbara Brennan at BBSH Japan, Friday November 4, 2022

A Remembrance of Barbara Brennan at BBSH UK, Friday November 18, 2022

The Brennan Community Remembers

"Changed my life! She is free to fly with the angels" TV


"This marks such a moment in time. Godspeed, Barbara, and a deep bow in reverence to you, acknowledging everything you've dedicated your life to and with profound gratitude for what you gave to all of us. Praying that the highest light now fully embraces your soul and shines on your loved ones." BD


"My heart is so heavy not by sadness alone but by the amount of gratitude I have for her brilliance, her light and her teachings… her books found its way to my hands and with her guiding hands and those of our teachers at BBSH I freed mine 

Nothing can match the day I stepped into her overwhelming presence… from that first day and till this moment, I have been processing, accepting loving and guiding my soul into being and all who seek guidance and truth. Barbara, precious teachers of BBSH I had dreaded this day to come but now I know what it’s like to be Eternal  May your light shine bright wherever you may Go. God bless your soul and your Sacred path to eternity. Thank you " HA


“Goodbyes are only for those who love with their eyes. Because for those who love with heart and soul there is no such thing as separation.” Forever in my heart Barbara!"  LK


"I honor this wonderful teacher, knowing that she is leaving supported and being welcomed by a lot of light. She did a beautiful and important work here, bringing wisdom, knowledge, awareness and light to humanity! Now she is a star, very bright!" LRF


"Deepest bows to you, dear and amazing teacher. May our prayers support your journey and transition into the fullness of the Light you came to know so well and reveal to us. "O Daughter of Noble Family, may you follow that pure Light into the union you desired with all your being." JM


"Barbara, just as with a healing session, there are no words that can adequately express my gratitude for your life’s work and the joy it has brought to me by allowing me to do the work to live my core essence. Your light will always illuminate the world as your sphere of love is constantly expanding and showering upon the world. Peace to you." TD


"So much gratitude for your courage in sharing your gifts Barbara, and for changing so many lives through your practices and your School. I am one of many people who can say there was life before Barbara Brennan, and life after, and my life after was immeasurably changed for the better. What a gift to help so many people transform wounds, and align with their essence. Thank you and Goddess hold and bless you on your continuing journey" AH