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The Aura of Relationships: An Interview with Barbara Ann Brennan – by Randy Peyser

Randy Peyser: In your latest book, Light Emerging, you state that the main desire in life is to fulfill the spiritual longing, and once that is realized and fulfilled, then everything else falls into place.

Barbara Brennan: Yes. And any desire you have as a normal human being is directly connected to that spiritual longing. What we’re doing is bringing spirit into matter and making heaven on earth, so to speak.

Whatever the most outrageous thing is that you desire, the most outrageous longing that you have, or what you want to do with your life, or who you wish to be – that is what you’ve come here to do or to be. No matter how totally off the wall it may sound or totally impossible, that’s what it is – that is what you’ve come to create in this lifetime.

RP: I would like to quote a beautiful, channelled passage from “Light Emerging” that speaks about creating that which you desire:

“And so dear ones, what are your true needs? Here is how to allow the feelings and the longings for those real needs to fill your being so that they can be fulfilled.” “First make a list – what you wish to create for yourself, keep it simple and profound. As you make the visualization clear, do not it send it up to us as if we will give it down to you, but rather seed it deeply into the core of your being so that it can emerge from your inner fountain.”

BB: Let’s say, for example, that you don’t have a relationship and you want one. You feel a longing. You have a personal need, but under that personal need is a spiritual longing for communion.
It is by allowing yourself to feel that longing and to actually feel the loneliness, pain, and all of the negative feelings around it, and then by letting that flow through you, that you open your heart and space to allow someone to come.

You also find out how you’re preventing yourself from creating your relationship. When the relationship comes into your life, then you again are faced with more personal process work that you need to do in order to clear yourself.

All of life brings you to the exact spiritual work that you need to do to center yourself more and more into your core, and allow it to express in your world. So the longing for a mate can be directly related from a spiritual perspective to the longing for communion and communication, to infuse with another divine being.

RP: So the more we align with that spiritual longing and actively work with our own sense of spirituality, then that opens the door for relationships.

BB: Well, even just working on your longing for relationships. If you long to have a relationship, you may not feel that it is a spiritual longing. You might just feel lonely. So, instead of cutting off the loneliness, let yourself feel it. Out of that emptiness will arise your beginning to perceive how you have kept yourself from having a relationship, or what you need to do to open yourself to one.

That eventually brings a relationship. Then the relationship brings you into deeper longings of communion and intimacy, all of which lead toward the core center self, the divinity within you. All of it is opening to the divine. And it may not even feel like that in the beginning.

RP: Do we all have the same spiritual longing?

BB: Everybody is different. Obviously all of us essentially long to know who we are from our true divine center and to let that divine center within us, our core, express into our lives in every way we could ever dream of. We all have a deep longing to create from the divinity within us. But what that creation is like is different for each individual.

RP: You do a tremendous amount of work with the auric field. And I was wondering if you’d like to share some of that information with our readers.

BB: Yes. The human auric field and the study of the auric field is really important. With the auric field you can perceive how every decision and how everything that you experience in your life effects your body. It all shows in the auric field, every thought, every feeling, etc.

The auric field has a specific pattern of health. The way we deal with our life experiences, or how we react to negative experiences in our lives are reflected in the aura.

When we distort our energy fields, that has a direct and immediate effect on the physical body. It might be slight at first, but if we habitually react in a negative way to situations, the habitual reaction will eventually show in the physical body and cause a physical disturbance.

The reason this happens is that the auric field is the foundation of the body. The field was there before the body, rather than the body before the field. The field creates the body. Your body is actually in you, rather than you are in your body.

Your auric field is bigger than you. That’s why hands-on healing works. If the energy is coming from the cells of the body and you put a little energy in the cells, it doesn’t give you the idea it would do much. But on the other hand, if the energy field in the structure is there before the cell, and there’s something wrong with the structure and the healer repairs the structure of the field and teaches the client how to maintain the healthy structure, then the physical body will respond in check. Then it makes more sense.

RP: How do you perceive the aura? Is it through the sensation of warmth or through visualization?

BB: Yes, it’s through those and more. You learn to expand all of the regular senses. And when you expand them, some of them begin to differentiate. For example there’s a big difference between the experience of love and the experience of feelings. Those are actually separate senses in the world of the auric field. So you expand those and then you begin learning that in fact your perception serves your awareness.

You can become as aware of the auric field as you are of anything else in your world. So we do work on expanding the senses of touch, vision, emotional feelings, the feeling of love and the direct knowing of something, as well as the auditory, receiving sounds or words of information. And how you do it is by practicing.

RP: How did you learn all this?

BB: I have a Masters in physics. I was working with light sensitive devices as a scientist. I used all those analogies on the instruments that we use on satellites, looking at the infra-red as well as the ultraviolet, invisible light coming off the earth. I applied all those analogies to perceiving the auric field. I was also training to become a therapist in bioenergetics when I began perceiving the auric field myself, and then it really took course.

Over a period of 15 years that perception developed and I also used my scientific background to interpret how my perceptions worked and then applied it to other people.

RP: In Light Emerging, you talk about three kinds of auric fields that have to do with interactions when people are in relationship.

BB: Yes, there are three types of ways we exchange energy in consciousness. Energy in consciousness cannot be divided. They’re always together. So the most common one is actually the bioplasmic streamers. We send arcs of energy back and forth to each other. It’s like bioplasm flowing between people. It probably is bioplasm actually of a higher vibration. It contains the energy consciousness of the interaction, so it can be positive or negative. It works long- distance as well as close up, and it also travels through time.

Another way we exchange the energy of consciousness is by harmonic inductance, meaning if you hit one too many forks, another will sound. Many people have that experience by getting close to somebody that has a very high frequency for healing the auric field, such as by meditating at the foot of a guru, that kind of thing. If you sit in a room with a guru you will often perceive very strong energy coming through you.

The third way which is very powerful, is through cords that connect through the chakras. The chakras are the energy centers, and those cords connect between people that have been connected with each other at one time or another. The deeper and the more intimate the relationship, the more the cord connection.

RP: Can these cords go through various lifetimes with people?

BB: The cords never actually end. Once connected, always connected, whether it’s in this lifetime or not. People that die are connected to you and the cords are still there, unless you tear them out because you think you should. That happens a lot. People don’t know that’s what they’re doing, but they do that sometimes in the process of mourning or in the process of divorce.

When a parent dies, the cords are still connected and they’re connected through generations. A lot of information flows through the cords. I observed a woman who was working with me in the office, three days after her mother died. I had my back to her and she was working (with auric visions you can see 360 degrees, you don’t have to look at somebody). Anyway, I saw her deceased mother come into the room and try to feed her information through the cords.

I realized this happens a lot when a parent dies. A parent will go to the children and spouse and actually pour love and information into that person through the cord, provided the person in the physical body will allow it.

The flow of energy consciousness that goes through the cords to the surviving family member is a condensed wisdom from that entire lifetime of the parent. It’s not in specific language, but it is a condensed form of wisdom.

RP: It sounds like a very special gift from the person who’s died to the people they’ve left.

BB: Yes, it is a gift. And it also causes pain in the person who left the physical world if that gift isn’t received. Many times our processes tend to break or stop that flow. There’s a whole way of honoring our ancestors by allowing them to share this gift.

RP: I’m glad you’re sharing this information. People I know want to receive messages and communicate with their deceased loved ones. So it’s nice to hear what you’re saying.

BB: I would like to share the experience around my father’s death with you. My father was slowing dying of Alzheimer’s over a 15 to 20 year period. What actually happened to him in that process is he lost his ego. Step by step, he reversed and became younger and younger. As he did that, he went through his childhood traumas and flushed them out.

He didn’t know that that was going on, of course, but he would sit on the couch and cry because he had lost his mother and his sister. They had both died. His mother died when he was eight and his sister died when he was seventy. But he had the two events in his psyche close together. He had the loss of two of the most important women in his life happening at the same time.

It was very moving. The family didn’t really understand what was going on, but I did. Each year he’d go through emotional clearings by reliving those things as his ego dissolved with the Alzheimer’s. So there was a lot of healing that happened with him.

I knew that one of the causes, on some spiritual level with him dying in that way was that he was so terrified of death. It was like a slow deadening of consciousness.

I was in Boston leading a workshop and my mother was there. I saw that he wasn’t dying and that he was hanging on to her. It was like this big heavy weight on her.

When I was doing healings with people, I went over and took my father’s energy off my mother’s back. That released that connection there. They weren’t letting go of each other. Two weeks later in the middle of the next workshop I gave in Long Island, my father died.

I had gone into meditation because I had felt death all night. And I hadn’t realized it was my father. I had gone into meditation because I had half an hour before I had to get on the stage in front of 200 people, and I meditated because I thought I was going to give my father healing. As I meditated, he came into the room and he started pouring me full of things… he was giving me healing.

And then he asked me to channel for the group. So I went back into the classroom and I told the group that my father had died. It was so moving because the channeling was about honoring our heritage and honoring all of our ancestors. And what happened is that everybodys’ ancestors appeared in the room in spirit form.

My father came with my grandmother, whom I had never met. My aunt, my father’s mother, who had passed away also came into the room with somebody else that had died with a baby. The whole room filled up with everybodys’ ancestors who were all there. They were kind of standing up behind us and a lot of people saw this.

The whole guided meditation was about honoring and thanking our ancestors, to be grateful for what they’ve given us and to allow ourselves to receive that connection.

To recognize it was a tremendous healing. There was a woman in the Long Island workshop who came up to me and said, “I was in the Boston workshop, but during it I had to leave because my mother had died. And when I had found out during the workshop that she had died, I saw her leaving with some angels.”

I had told my students in the Long Island workshop that when people died they have their guides with them. And this woman said, “This was such a tremendous healing because you just told me this now, and I saw it two weeks ago during the Boston workshop.” Her mother had committed suicide. So it was very powerful.

The other thing that I got from channeling was that my father having Alzheimer’s was actually an agreement between my mother and father. They’ve been married for 55 years. Alzheimer’s was a process of them letting go of each other and allowing my mother to slowly take over, because my father ran everything. So there was time for her to take over. It was really, really hard on her, but she did learn to run everything in her life during this time. She’s doing very well now. She’s 84.

RP: He gave her the gift of independence.

BB: Yeah, and it was a hard way to get it.

RP: Thank you. You are such a gift to me, to the readers, to the planet. I’m very, very thankful, very grateful to have had this opportunity to talk with you.

Barbara Brennan, who is the author of “Hands of Light” and “Light Emerging”, runs the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, a four-year Professional Healing Science program based in East Hampton, New York. She can be reached at (516) 329-0951,

This article originally appeared on the website of Randy Peyser and was reprinted with permission. Please visit for more on Randy Peyser.